Become a social climber with these tips from Mira Showers!

January 29, 2020

Emma Cox, Channel Manager – Brand & Communications at Mira Showers, examines how installers can make the most of their social media presence to raise their profile and boost business

We speak to installers all the time, so we understand that getting a business off the ground is costly - that’s why social media is a great way to develop an online presence, without the need to invest in an all-singing, all-dancing website.
Some key considerations include - ‘what channels should I use?’; ‘what does ‘good social’ look like?’ and ‘got any top tips for taking pictures?’
We’d firstly advise keeping your personal and professional social accounts separate - you don’t want a potential customer seeking you out and finding posts of your dinner or funny cat videos…

Show us your shower
Our current #showusyourshower campaign highlights the power of imagery when it comes to Instagram; it’s a great chance for installers to showcase work alongside the manufacturer. If it attracts some love or attention from us or any other manufacturer, it’s another form of endorsement.

‘Before’ and ‘after’ shots are essential - this makes posts authentic, and lets potential customers see the full impact of how your work has transformed the bathroom space.Dean from Mira Showers on social media showing off his new bathroom

Our top tips would include making sure images are well-lit; we hear from some installers that use their work lights for dark shower alcoves. Give chrome a quick buff before you shoot - and check any reflections off mirrors or enclosures – we’ve all seen examples of how this can turn out!

To #hashtag or not to hashtag
Hashtags can be a minefield, so my advice is ‘keep it simple’ - three hashtags per post is plenty - and use ones that manufacturers use. Don’t forget to tag them too.

There are endorsements from manufacturers, but what about an even better one – customers? Ask them to post an image and recommendation on their own accounts; this is invaluable third-party endorsement when they tag you in it. 

We know time is money and you can’t spend hours posting stuff here, there and everywhere. Perhaps don’t try and do all of them - focus on one or two and do them well. 

When and how often?
Only post when you have something to say. Don’t overshare; decide on your USPs (unique selling points) and focus on them.

The more you use social, the more natural it should feel, as you develop your own style and tone. Don’t forget - it’s a two-way street, so take the time to thank people for comments and endorsements.




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