Top 5 bathroom innovations for 2019

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September 10, 2018

We’re zipping ahead to 2019, taking a look at the latest gizmos and gadgets that homeowners will want in their bathrooms. With the rapid rise of the smart home, it’s not surprising that smart bathrooms are following suit, using new technology to make all our lives easier and more luxurious than ever., the online bathroom specialists, have picked out their top 5 bathroom innovations which they believe will be popular in 2019.

1. Rimless toilets                                                                                                   

The basic toilet design really hasn’t changed much over the years with the standard pneumatic flush a reliable old friend that does a simple job. However, one thing that is gaining popularity is the rimless toilet.

Instead of the traditional rim where germs and bacteria can easily multiply, rimless toilets, as the name might suggest, feature a smoother shape. When the flush is activated, water shoots from the back of the pan to clean the bowl more efficiently and effectively. It’s not hard to see why this type of toilet is—with its easy clean design—becoming a popular choice.

2. Smart shower systems

First it was thermostatic showers, then came electric showers and finally digital showers. The next step on the evolutionary ladder for the humble shower is the smart showering system.

With the rise of smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, many of us are now turning to voice activation to control whole aspects of our home life, including our bathrooms.

Digital showers come with many obvious benefits, including simple and reliable temperature control, which requires no fine-tuning or adjusting, plus features which keep you and your family safe. Until now, however, there was no option to fully customise your own shower experience.

With manufacturers such as Mira Showers, Aqualisa and SmarTap developing the next generation of smart showers, this customisation is now firmly within our grasp. With SmarTap, you can even start your bath so that it’s ready the minute you walk through the door or check up on an elderly relative to ensure they are maintaining their hygiene routine.

The possibilities are limitless and, with nearly 3m Amazon Alexa devices and over 1m Google Home devices sold in the UK in 2017, there is certainly demand for integrated smart showering systems.

3. Bluetooth Speaker shower heads

One for the Christmas list this year! Bluetooth technology has meant singing in the shower is now even easier, allowing you to stream songs from your mobile to a speaker. However, one thing that can really pour cold water all over your enjoyment is when the noise of your shower drowns out the noise of your favourite tunes. This is where a Bluetooth speaker shower head comes in very handy.

Positioned directly above your outlet, a wireless speaker pipes your playlists straight into your shower enclosure. To charge, simply detach and plug in. Cue the next generation of X Factor hopefuls!

4. Japanese style toilets

They may cost a fair bit more than regular toilets but Japanese style toilets are beginning to make in-roads into the UK market.

With manufacturers like Grohe investing time and effort into developing these smart, electronic toilets, many homeowners, especially those with mobility issues, are finding them invaluable.

With features such as motion sensor lids and flushes, plus hygienic sprays and self-cleaning mechanisms, it’s no wonder more and more people are paying to have these installed in their homes.

5. Smart underfloor heating

Whilst underfloor heating is nothing new, it’s certainly getting smarter.

With many homeowners turning away from traditional radiators and towel heaters which take up valuable wall space, many more are coming round to the idea of keeping tight control over the heating in your home.

Some of the latest underfloor heating systems, like those from Warmup, come with incredibly smart thermostats, including self-learning technology. This allows the system to figure out when to switch on and the optimum temperature to set. Some can even tell you what the local traffic is like. Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction!

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The top 5 bathroom innovations for 2019


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