Kensa Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation with New Growth Plans 

Kensa staff celebrating 20 Years of Innovation with New Growth Plans 

With recent announcements from the Committee for Climate Change and the Government calling for significantly higher numbers of heat pump installations, the Kensa Group has announced changes to its senior management team and additional business services as it looks to celebrate its 20th anniversary with continued rapid growth.  

James Standley has been promoted to Managing Director of Kensa Heat Pumps, the UK’s only ground source heat pump manufacturer, whilst Dr Matthew Trewhella will step up to the same role for Kensa Contracting, the specialist in-house installation business, which celebrated the launch of a dedicated website earlier in the year.

Commenting on the changes, CEO Simon Lomax says:

How to Keep Your Business up to Date With Health and Safety Legislation

Plumber keeping up to Date With Health and Safety Legislation

With the ever-evolving laws and legislation of modern times, it can be hard to keep up with what the latest requirements, especially those regarding health and safety. Time-consuming and complicated, legislation can often be difficult to understand -and with Brexit looming, bringing with it the uncertainty of the future, you’d be forgiven for feeling that matters of health and safety can often feel muddy, particularly for small businesses.

But however much hassle it can be, the risks of not being compliant go much further than just negative publicity. Consequences can include everything from fines and compensation payments to the closure of business, and in extreme cases even prosecution.

Cramlington expansion for Flame with second bathroom showroom launch

Staff at Flame Group's second bathroom showroom launch

Flame Heating Group has continued to develop its branch network after investing in the expansion of its Cramlington trade counter.

The North East’s fastest-growing heating and plumbing merchant has launched its second bathroom showroom in the North East with development of the Cramlington site on Atley Business Park.

Flame’s Cramlington branch, which launched in 2017, has now extended its product range and services with the addition of the showroom to the 3,600 sq.ft branch. Since its opening, the Cramlington trade counter has seen its workforce grow by 50% and plans to recruit a new member to the team in the summer. 

New premises for growing heating and ventilation insulation business

Staff stood outside new premises heating and ventilation insulation business

A leading UK and European-wide heating and ventilation insulation company which started life in the front room of a home in Solihull has moved into new premises as business grows year-on-year.

Denco Thermal was established by the then managing director Dennis Coles and company secretary Jill Coles as a start-up business in 2005 in Warwick Road before re-locating to Homer Road in the town.

With turnover growing to £6.4 million in its latest accounts, the company has a new base at the Blythe Valley Innovation Centre in Central Boulevard, Solihull, for its eight office staff including an apprentice estimator.

New Decor Harmonique Radiator Towel Warmer by Vogue (UK)

Decor Harmonique Radiator Towel Warmer

New for 2019 - The Decor Harmonique offers a style combination rail with integrated flat panel radiator for a considerable output and design twist! The sweeping and elegant lines of the Décor rail with flat crossbars will help to achieve a modern and sleek vibe bringing an air of sophistication to any setting.

Other finishes available, for finish & colour options see here http://www.vogueuk.co.uk/index.php/bespoke/colours-and-finishes-menu


Product code: MD094

Mild Steel construction

6 Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer

6 Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer

Your employees spend upwards of eight hours a day at work. It’s their home away from home in a way. So, it’s vitally important that when they are there, they are made to feel safe and secure, just as they would within their own four walls.

Security systems provider, Expert Security UK, conducted a survey asking over 2000 people the question ‘has your employer taken actions to ensure you feel safe in the workplace?’

The results of the survey showed that only 1 in 3 people feel safe in their workplace due to steps taken by their employer.

New Contemporary Cygnus Harmonique by Vogue (UK)

New Contemporary Cygnus Harmonique by Vogue (UK)

Following the launch of its 2019 Brochure, the UK’s leading manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK),introduce Cygnus Harmonique: a new and exclusive heating design which embodies the best of both worlds. 

Epitomising the future of contemporary heating design, Cygnus Harmonique by Vogue (UK)features a modern white vertical panel radiator which is set within a unique combination of Mild Steel looped towel rails. 

Evoking a sense of calm, the new Cygnus Harmonique innovatively combines form and function through an intricate sequence of linked coiled bars which provide ample towel hanging space, and a smooth flat-panel radiator for the warmth you need. 

Grange Design introduce new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS

Grange Design introduce new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS

Leading UK based designer, manufacturer and specialist distributor for the bathroom industry, Grange Design, introduces the new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS, featuring a host of solid stainless steel eco-friendly taps and shower solutions for the contemporary homeowner. 

Demonstrating a pioneering collection of taps and accessories where shape is central to design,Grangeoffer a range of brand new and existing stainless steel bathroom solutions by MGS that emanate the symbolic style and flair of Italian product design. 

What’s New?

Trade Bosses Losing Points For Productivity

Trade Bosses Losing Points For Productivity

GAMIFIED rewards and bonuses not only introduce an element of fun in to the workplace, but also increase employee performance – and according to new research, 52% of trades bosses are losing out on increased productivity by not making use of them.

The only industry that would have more increased productivity from the introduction of gamified rewards than Trades was Medical/Healthcare (56%), with Hospitality and leisure (51%) and Retail (50%) both close behind. 

Tansun's Radiant Heating Panels Are The Future Of Indoor Heating

Tansun's Radiant Heating Panels

Tansun’s new radiant panels are transforming the way people heat their homes and commercial buildings. Stylish, discrete and unobtrusive to blend into any environment, Tansun radiant panels are the ideal indoor heating solution for both commercial and domestic applications.

Tansun radiant heating panels provide even heat distribution to gently warm people and objects before targeting the surrounding air. The panels boast advanced heating technology which is designed to be environmentally friendly and remarkably energy efficient and where energy conversion rates are around 98%.