Installation Time Plunges Thanks To New Plumbing Station

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February 10, 2020

Answering the demands of contractors to reduce installation time, REHAU has launched a range of new plumbing stations; pre-fabricated and pressure-tested single components for making sanitary connections that are millimetre accurate.

By providing such a connection in one single component, the plumbing station speeds up and simplifies installations. For example, by using the plumbing station, three sinks could be installed in the time it would usually take for one, with no compromise on thermal insulation, sound insulation or condensation protection.

Installers are often faced with many differing installation scenarios, carefully and accurately fitting pipework into surface- or flush-mounted, T-piece or loop-though installations. Suitable with any of these installation types, the plumbing station offers significant time savings on top of reliability for contactors and specifiers.

The plumbing station is available for a number of different applications from wash basins to baths to branded concealed shower units such as Hansgrohe. All designed with the installer in mind to make the job quicker, easier and lessRehau Plumbing Station expensive than traditional methods – while delivering the quality assurance that RAUTITAN is known for.   

Contractors can testify that intricate plumbing systems within building projects require a multitude of different fittings and components, each of which take time and patience to install. Given that it is a single component, the plumbing station removes the need for hundreds of components, allowing installers to meet their tighter deadlines.

“Contractors need solutions that make installing plumbing systems as quick as possible,” said Drew Clough, Product Manager for Heating and Plumbing at REHAU UK. “With REHAU’s new plumbing station, installers can have a simple-to-install, one-component solution that speeds the installation process along dramatically.

“This one-size-fits-all component is a universal fitting that can be used for every type of installation imaginable,” he adds. “The need for large numbers of components is now a thing of the past.”

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