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Neomitis welcome new regional sales manager for the South

Neomitis new regional sales manager Mark Osborne

Neomitis, a specialist in controls and heating products for residential and small office environments, have welcomed a new regional sales manager with 20 years of experience in the trade. 

Neomitis’s product range covers thermostats, programmers, timers, radiant heaters, hydraulic radiators, electric and hydronic heating towel rails and hydro-electrical heating devices for new build or renovation applications. Neomitis products are designed and developed by us in France and the UK. 

Is a Smart Home practical in 2018?

Smart Home

by Anna Kucirkova 

When we say “Smart Home,” your mind probably starts working a mile-a-minute. You probably imagine a Jetsons-like, technologically advanced home that responds to your every command.

While that concept is certainly understandable, smart homes in 2018 look less like auto-retracting walls and floors that automatically absorb messes and more like homes with convenient, easy-to-use home integration and home automation systems.

Research finds almost two thirds of consumers NEVER plumb in their new appliances

Research finds almost two thirds of consumers NEVER plumb in their new appliances

We’re all guilty of wasting money on frivolous items, but when it comes to large home appliances, most of us would like to think we avoid unnecessary expense and research all the options available. But, with a whopping three in five homeowners buying fridges featuring an ice and water dispenser that they never plumb in, perhaps not all the additional extras are considered.

While women are faster than men at getting their pipes in order and their appliances sorted, there’s still a staggering amount of UK homes whose fridge ice and water dispensers run dry. With 60% of consumers leaving their fridges unplumbed, the prospect of plumbing complexities is clearly a turn-off for consumers.

The secret to happiness? Ask plumbers!

Happy plumbers

It seems plumbers are guaranteed not to get that sinking feeling every time they go to work…

A survey has revealed that Britain’s plumbers are the happiest professionals in the country. In fact, 55% of plumbers said they were ‘very happy’ in life.

It seems tradespeople are way ahead in the happiness index because builders were next on 38%.

The survey was commissioned by Boundless, an experiences company with a 94-year heritage.

Plumbing Pensions - Plumbing Employers Action Group

Plumbing Pensions piggy bank

Plumbing Pensions {UK} Ltd was established in the mid seventies, employers on the scheme were and still are, many years ahead of much of the rest of UK industry offering a very generous pension scheme to their employees. Plumbing employers have and still are contributing vast sums of money into our employees pension fund.

Plumbing Employers who have never been in the scheme and have never likely contributed or offered a pension to their employees are not caught up in this issue. In other words it’s the generous good employers that are being penalised.

Mercedes-Benz vans hit the HomeServe run

Mercedes-Benz vans hit the HomeServe run

HomeServe, the UK’s leading home assistance provider, has taken another step on the road towards an all-Mercedes-Benz van fleet.
HomeServe delivers effortless service to its customers, offering a range of services including plumbing, drainage, electrics, heating, and much more through its nationwide network of approved engineers. Given this, it expects the same, high-quality service from its own suppliers. The Mercedes-Benz Dealer Network’s 24-hour maintenance and repair capability, and free MobiloVan roadside assistance support, were therefore crucial to its decision to switch to the three-pointed star.

APHC highlights practices to reduce risk when working on ladders

APHC highlights practices to reduce risk when working on ladders

Ladders are a fairly common piece of equipment for plumbing and heating contractors and according to the Health and Safety Executive, falls from height remain one of the most common causes of work related fatalities in Great Britain.

Just recently a company was fined £1million after the death of an electrician from a step-ladder fall.  In view of this the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors is reminding plumbing and heating employers and operatives to take precautions and follow the Health & Safety Executive’s recommended practices when working at height.

Building a Better Business with our Expertise

Building a Better Business with our Expertise

Are you looking for a new and more efficient way to manage your company’s accounts? At Together We Count we understand how difficult and time consuming it is to run your business day after day. Every successful business needs expert financial knowledge in order to grow and avoid the potential pitfalls that comes with managing your own company. So have you considered hiring an accountant to assist your business and allow you to take back control of the day to day running of your company?


InSinkerator® highlights benefits of food waste disposers

InSinkerator® highlights benefits of food waste disposers

The global leader and inventor of the food waste disposer, InSinkErator®, is an active campaigner in encouraging the sustainable disposal of food waste, and wholly supports the aims and objectives of the European Week for Waste Reduction initiative, which takes place from 19th to 27th November 2016.
The initiative aims to raise awareness of waste management solutions across Europe, encouraging both private enterprises and the general public to get involved. Addressing the issue of increased waste across Europe is important for InSinkErator®, who looks to advise as many homeowners as possible about an alternative and sustainable solution.