Will 2019 be the year of the smart bathroom?

December 12, 2018

With smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit now more affordable, the home of the future is fast becoming a reality.

Cast your mind back just 5 years ago. The idea of controlling everything in your home, from lighting to heating and from security to entertainment, probably seemed like science fiction. However, with numerous smart home systems being bought as gifts at Christmas, many people are now exploring the full capabilities of their new time-saving gadgets.

One part of the home which hasn’t changed greatly in terms of technology is the bathroom. Many of the products found in your average bathroom function using the same principles as they have done for generations, such as taps and pneumatic flushes. However, is 2019 the year this is all set to change? We’ve listed some of the new smart appliances that are set to make a big impact on trade bathroomsin 2019.

Smart showering and bathing
Will 2019 be the year of the smart bathroom?Out of all the bathroom products available, showers have probably advanced the furthest in terms of technology. With digital showers increasing in popularity, things have gone even further with the rise of the smart showering system. Integrating seamlessly with popular smart home systems, like those mentioned previously, smart showering systems are now expanding the capabilities of what is possible in the bathroom.

SmarTap, exclusively available in the UK from VictoriaPlum.com, is a product which is leading the way in innovation. Manufactured in Germany, the system uses a digital e-valve made up of 5 replaceable modules. It can be controlled using an app on any smartphone or tablet, or voice activated when used with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It allows the user to fully customise their showering experience, from precise temperature to duration. It can also be used with a bath filler, meaning the user could begin running their bath so that it’s ready the minute they step through the door—an incredible concept!

With software constantly updated, the possibilities are endless. It has the potential to be used in other ways—for example, detecting and diagnosing issues with plumbing and allowing installers to remotely access the system before deciding whether an on-site visit is required. It can also be used to help reduce water wastage.

One other area in which this smart shower will bring massive benefits is the hotel sector, where on-site technicians can monitor and maintain multiple systems via a single dashboard.

Smart underfloor heating

With no bulky radiators and the potential to save money on utility bills, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are now looking towards underfloor heating for their bathrooms.

A lack of space can be a real issue in many homes, which is where underfloor heating comes into its own, using every square inch of floor space efficiently. It also allows the user to heat each room individually, which can be done via a phone app or even integrated with smart home systems. After all, a bathroom is only generally used at specific times of day, so shouldn’t need to be switched on all the time.

The latest generation of smart thermostats have the ability to learn optimum temperatures and timings, to help reduce energy bills. Some have even been designed to search for cheaper tariffs and provide the user with local transport information, to help with the commute to work.

LED mirrors

Even the humble bathroom mirror is getting smarter. LEDs are fast replacing more traditional bulbs across all lighting categories, due to their low energy use. However, it isn’t just lighting that is making these Will 2019 be the year of the smart bathroom?mirrors a great choice for smart bathrooms.

New functionality, such as infrared motion sensor on and off switches, plus demisters, mean there is no problem using the mirror straight after getting out of the bath or shower. So, no matter how hot and steamy things get, crystal clear vision is guaranteed.

Bathroom TVs and audio

These days, homeowners want to enjoy all the luxuries of their home entertainment in every room of the house, including the bathroom. With the latest advances in technology, this can be easily achieved.

Fitting any sort of screen into a bathroom used to be problematic, however, thanks to a new generation of bathroom TVs, which come with heated, anti-mist screens and an IP65 rating, this is now a reality.

Audio can also be streamed from any device through a Bluetooth shower speaker. Fitted directly above the shower head, this allows the user to hear music more clearly, without it being fully drowned out by the water jet.

With these, and many more smart innovations making a big impact, we feel that 2019 will finally be the year of the smart bathroom.




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