The Dawn of the Smart Bathroom

Paul Thorn

The humble bathroom is probably the last place we think of when talking about hi-tech gadgetry - but thanks to the Internet of Things, our lavatories are about to become a whole lot smarter. In the following article, we’ll show you some of latest cutting edge bathroom tech - but first, what exactly is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things explained

Pipes and drains blockages - most common causes

blocked pipes and drains

At Lanes for Drains we receive calls every day from home and business owners complaining of blocked pipes and drains. While some are caused by unavoidable situations, such as storms and flooding, many are caused by people disposing of items and unsuitable substances down the sink or toilet.

In this piece, we discuss some of the most common offenders that cause blockages of pipes and drains, which can lead to significant stress and expense for home and business owners.

Fats, oils and grease (FOG)

Triton – now installing showers in living rooms

Triton showers

Warwickshire based Triton Showers has invested an initial six figure sum into an update of the brand and development of a national advertising campaign, which is set to air in customers living rooms this autumn. The first shower company in the UK to embark upon activity of this scale, this bold move will see the market leading manufacturer launch a TV commercial on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.


Choosing a bathroom suite that fits your space

bathroom suite

Bathroom suites are an excellent way to fully fit out your bathroom because all the hard work is done for you. Instead of browsing hundreds of bathroom fixtures and fittings to combine perfectly, a bathroom suite comes ready built by experts with matching fixtures.


With that said, it doesn’t mean the difficulty of choosing a bathroom suite stops there. The size of your bathroom can play a huge part in restricting your options when choosing your suite.


So, what can you do to make choosing a bathroom suite easier? Start by measuring out your room and creating an ideal layout. This should give you a better idea of which suites will work best in your bathroom. The next thing you should do is decide on whether you want a traditional or modern suite.

RedRing to launch 3 year warranty on new showers

RedRing to launch 3 year warranty on new showers

Following in-depth focus groups with installers, Redring has listened to customer feedback and is pleased to announce a new 3-year warranty package on a host of new showers set for launch later this year.

Three new generation showers, including the Bright, Glow and Simple Care models, will be officially launched later this year and the new 3-year warranty package offers a further guarantee to customers that Redring is a brand installers can trust in terms of reliability, ease of installation and performance.


5 Ways of Adding Luxury to Your Bathroom in 2017

5 Ways of Adding Luxury to Your Bathroom in 2017

When redesigning your bathroom to reflect the latest trends it’s difficult to know where to get started. There are some really exciting trends out there which can add a luxurious feel to your bathroom. Here are some of the predictions for the year ahead.


Freestanding Baths

Having a standout feature such as a freestanding bath can really set the overall style for your bathroom and add some well-deserved luxury to your bathroom.

There is only so much creativity you can have with a standard straight white bath, whereas freestanding baths allow you to really get creative and implement some striking personality into your bathroom design from outstanding colours to eye-catching designs.

0800 Repair Gas is eyeing up a national expansion following a move to new premises in Houghton le Spring

0800 Repair Gas is eyeing up a national expansion following a move to new premises in Houghton le Spring

The home services firm, which forms part of Pacifica Group, welcomed Bridget Phillipson, Member of Parliament for Houghton and Sunderland South, to mark the official opening of Pacifica Group’s head office.

Established in 2010, 0800 Repair Gas has grown to become a leading provider of heating, plumbing and insulation services in the North East.

Following the launch of its new insulation division at the start of 2017, 0800 Repair Gas is also planning to extend its services beyond the North East on a national scale.


Redring launches installer partnership with Plumbase

Redring launches installer partnership with Plumbase

Redring is excited to announce its new partnership with leading heating and plumbing merchant, Plumbase, to launch a major water heating initiative for installers. 

The partnership is designed to ensure installers have easy access to Redring’s comprehensive range of domestic and commercial stored and instantaneous water heating solutions across the UK, whilst also delivering training and increasing product knowledge.