School pupils work with drainage company in fight against plastic

School pupils working with drainage company in fight against plastic

Lanes for Drains are empowering teenagers to lead the fight against hidden plastics by working with secondary schools to produce unique and engaging lesson plans and a set of educational resources that are now available to schools nationwide.

The company – the largest privately owned drainage contractor in the UK – aims to raise awareness of the dangers of hidden plastics and how this generation can have the biggest impact in halting the problem.

Tool theft: top tips for prevention

Tool theft from a van

As technology advances within electric power tools, unfortunately so does tool theft and tactics which thieves use to break in and steal equipment. Thieves are becoming more sophisticated and are using methods to break into vehicles which leave no sign of damage; mainly by taking advantage of a security flaw in keyless vehicles. The popular ‘relay’ method is carried out using an illegal device which replicates the signal from your car or van’s key fob. So, not only are work tools at risk, so is the actual vehicle itself. 

Tips For A Healthy Winter Boiler

Boiler on a blue wall

Just like a car, a boiler needs to be well maintained in order to keep it operating at its best. Spring and Summer is the perfect time to make sure it’s in tip top condition. If you are doing DIY or jobs around your home this bank holiday, follow these tips to help prevent any stressful moments later in the year when the cold weather returns!

Check the system pressure 

Occasionally you may need to top up your heating system to maintain optimum performance. If your boiler pressure is below 0.5 bar then generally it’s too low and you need to increase the pressure. If it’s between 1 and 1.5, you can sit back and relax.

Bleeding a radiator

Top 5 Lies Customers Tell To Obtain Cheaper Van Insurance

White van driving through a city

Top 100 Insurance Brokerage Reveals the Top 5 Lies Customers Tell Staff in Attempt to Obtain Cheaper Van Insurance

Constuctaquote.com also reveals that in some instances customers potentially do the opposite of what they intended and end up increasing their premiums by avoiding the truth 

Top 100 insurance brokerage, Constructaquote.com,has created a top 5 list of fibs told by potential customers on a mission to get cheap van insurance, the South Wales Company has revealed. 

Unpredictable weather driving 278% increase in boiler breakdowns

A man fixing bolier breakdowns

Britain’s increasingly changeable and unpredictable weather is driving a rise in callouts for emergency, boiler breakdowns and boiler repairs, according to theboilercompany.com.

The leading boiler repairs and servicing company, with over 700 nation-wide gas safe engineers, has seen dramatic increases of up to 278% in emergency boiler repair callouts during cold and snowy weather events over the last two years. The data shows a 71% increase in emergency call outs during the snow earlier this month (1st to 5th April) and a nearly three-fold increase during last year’s ‘Beast from the East’ weather event*. London saw the largest increases in emergency call outs during cold periods, followed by Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and then Manchester

How to Keep Your Business up to Date With Health and Safety Legislation

Plumber keeping up to Date With Health and Safety Legislation

With the ever-evolving laws and legislation of modern times, it can be hard to keep up with what the latest requirements, especially those regarding health and safety. Time-consuming and complicated, legislation can often be difficult to understand -and with Brexit looming, bringing with it the uncertainty of the future, you’d be forgiven for feeling that matters of health and safety can often feel muddy, particularly for small businesses.

But however much hassle it can be, the risks of not being compliant go much further than just negative publicity. Consequences can include everything from fines and compensation payments to the closure of business, and in extreme cases even prosecution.

6 Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer

6 Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer

Your employees spend upwards of eight hours a day at work. It’s their home away from home in a way. So, it’s vitally important that when they are there, they are made to feel safe and secure, just as they would within their own four walls.

Security systems provider, Expert Security UK, conducted a survey asking over 2000 people the question ‘has your employer taken actions to ensure you feel safe in the workplace?’

The results of the survey showed that only 1 in 3 people feel safe in their workplace due to steps taken by their employer.

Grange Design introduce new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS

Grange Design introduce new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS

Leading UK based designer, manufacturer and specialist distributor for the bathroom industry, Grange Design, introduces the new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS, featuring a host of solid stainless steel eco-friendly taps and shower solutions for the contemporary homeowner. 

Demonstrating a pioneering collection of taps and accessories where shape is central to design,Grangeoffer a range of brand new and existing stainless steel bathroom solutions by MGS that emanate the symbolic style and flair of Italian product design. 

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Trade Bosses Losing Points For Productivity

Trade Bosses Losing Points For Productivity

GAMIFIED rewards and bonuses not only introduce an element of fun in to the workplace, but also increase employee performance – and according to new research, 52% of trades bosses are losing out on increased productivity by not making use of them.

The only industry that would have more increased productivity from the introduction of gamified rewards than Trades was Medical/Healthcare (56%), with Hospitality and leisure (51%) and Retail (50%) both close behind. 

Pimlico Plumbers - Real Business Column

Charlie Mullins - Pimlico Plumbers- Real Business Column

It’s a sign of the times that the word ‘hustle’ has taken on a fresh and more respectable meaning when it comes to business.

In my day, the hustle was a dance popular in the discotheques (now there IS a word you don’t hear any more!) of my 1970’s youth.

Alternatively, it referred to someone with an ability to take a few quid off you in a game of pool or a geezer knocking out counterfeit videos which, when you got them home, were usually unwatchable.

However, these days many a respected business figure happily put their success down to their hustling spirit.