British plumbers can almost double their salaries in Germany

Plumber under sink - British plumbers can almost double their salaries in Germany

British workers could boost their salaries by over £32,000 by relocating overseas, new research by Good Move has revealed.

All of the UK’s 14 most common occupations, from teachers to plumbers, are better paid in other parts of the world, with some workers even able to boost their salaries by over £100,000 by moving to a different country.

The study, conducted by the regulated property buyer, identified how much the professions are paid in the UK and compared this against the ten countries which are most popular with people choosing to emigrate. 

It found that medical professionals stand to gain the most by leaving the UK.

Online marketing - make sure your plumbing business stands out online

plumbing business - man at desk

Winter is coming, and that means that the boiler and gas sector is about to see a dramatic increase in customers searching for their services online. Jonathan Birch is Creative Director at Glass Digital. Here, he explains the importance of a strong online marketing campaign and shares some tips for boosting your online presence. 

Government agency backs world’s first Unblocktober awareness month

Unblocktober logo

Government agency backs world’s first Unblocktober awareness month to save sewers and seas

Unblocktober, the world’s first awareness month aimed at protecting the UK’s sewers and seas has gained support from the Environment Agency as it attempts to fight plastic pollution and fatbergs. 

The campaign, which is led by Lanes Group plc, has been backed by the Love Water campaign, which includes over 40 organisations and is jointly led by the Environment Agency and Water UK.

Unblocktober challenges the British public to make small changes to their kitchen and bathroom habits for the whole calendar month of October, to establish new routines that will be much less harmful to the environment. 

Revealed: Simple tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home

plumber servicing boiler to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

It’s often called the ‘silent killer’, and has rarely been out of the news over the last few weeks, after the UK Fire Services revealed that carbon monoxide poisonings rose from 2,450 incidents in 2014 to 3,249 in the last 12 months - an increase of 32%.[1]

Worryingly, around 60 people are accidentally killed by carbon monoxide each year. In the short-term it can cause dizziness, sickness, tiredness and stomach pain, while prolonged exposure can lead to loss of consciousness and have a significant impact on your mental state, coordination and heart health.[2]

Key signs your home utilities systems are on the way out

Plumber fixing boiler - Key signs your home utilities systems are on the way out

By Izzy Schulman, Director, Plumbers4U

The ‘cost of living’ is a phrase that’s rarely out of the headlines, and increasing household bills show domestic spending continues to become more expensive.

In fact, the average annual household spend on home utilities is £1,654 per year, which is around 6 percent of a household’s budget.

From the relatively minor and inexpensive, to major incidents which cause severe damage to walls, floors, and personal property, problems with home utilities are inevitable at some point.

Here are the key signs your home utilities need professional repair:

The drip drops

Nextdoor Introduces a Unique Platform to Help Local Businesses Grow 

Young female plumber fixing a sink - Nextdoor

Nextdoor, the world’s largest social app for the neighbourhood, has announced the launch of its new Local Business feature in the UK. The new feature enables local business owners to easily create an online presence on Nextdoor to reach new customers, expand business opportunities to increase sales and build trusted relationships in the neighbourhood. 

The new recommendations feature enables Nextdoor users to support their favourite local businesses. With trusted recommendations from locals, it’s a great way for neighbours to discover new places and businesses, as well as provide business owners with invaluable word of mouth endorsements. 

Self Assessment for Beginners

Plumber filling out a self assessment form
Tax Preparation Specialist Issues Guidance to Taxpayers New to Self Assessment Tax Returns

With the latest figures showing there are a record 4.93 million self-employed taxpayers in the UK, more taxpayers are finding themselves within the remit of Self Assessment. A lack of taxation knowledge and experience has resulted in a surge in late tax returns and payments as those who are newly self-employed struggle to make sense of their requirements under Self Assessment. Tax preparation specialist David Redfern, director of DSR Tax Claims Ltd, has issued his guide to the basics of Self Assessment with tips for those new to this method of paying Income Tax.

Earnings dip but underlying demand stays strong for plumbers

Two self-employed plumbers

Earnings for self-employed plumbers dipped by just 1.7 per cent last month, according to the latest figures released by Hudson Contract.

Analysis of August payroll data for more than 2,200 construction companies in England and Wales reveals a weekly average of £1,120 for plumbing contractors.

They generated the third highest earnings of all 17 construction trades covered by Hudson Contract, beaten only by specialists in shop fitting and mechanical and engineering work.

Plumbers in the North West saw the biggest increase in weekly earnings in August, rising 18.2 per cent to £945.

They were followed by the South West, up 12.8 per cent to £1,328 and the highest in England and Wales, and Yorkshire and the Humber, up 6.8 per cent to £727.

Legionnaire's disease - are you prepared?

Legionnaire's disease

With cases of Legionnaires’ disease on the rise, The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) is urging installers to be vigilant when it comes to potential sources of Legionella bacteria. 

Falling prices of luxury items such as hot tubs and spa baths, coupled with warm temperatures, has created a perfect opportunity for legionella and other water associated problems according to the CIPHE.