The further adventures of Boiler Man…

December 5, 2018

Following the recent filming with Clive and Marjorie in the hot tub, there’s a new Boiler Man video which hit the world this week.

In this new video, we see Max the cat who lives in a cold house thanks to a faulty boiler.  Max sees that an Ideal boiler is being fitted across the road and knows that living in that house will be a far more reliable source of heat and make his life far more comfortable.  He grabs his belongings and moves in. To our surprise, the house is owned by Boiler Man! 

Ideal Boilers, the company behind Boiler Man, has tasked Democracy PR to ramp up the marketing to promote this far and wide to media, installers and merchants with the aim of getting as many shares, likes and new followers as possible on its digital channels.Boiler Man from Ideal Boilers

There’s a focused social media plan in place and PR activity going on in the background to drive the opportunity and grow Ideal Boilers' online community.

This latest instalment from Boiler Man was launched mid-morning on Monday 3rd December.

Click here to watch the Boiler Man video.

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