TempRocket make the recruitment of temporary plumbers easier

Temprocket's Andrew Johnston on recruitment of plumbers

It has arguably never been more difficult to find good temp workers thanks to a frustratingly inefficient recruitment process and the fact that the number of temporary trades people is at a five-year low. However, help is at hand, says TempRocket’s Andrew Johnston…

It’s no secret that finding the right plumbers to add to your team cannot only be a very tough task, but also annoyingly time consuming and expensive. And this is especially the case when it comes to tracking down good temporary trades people, because the process on this side of the recruitment sector is particularly inefficient. 

The Toilet is Blocked? What Can You do?

The Toilet is Blocked? What Can You do?

How To Unblock Your Toilet in 6 Easy Steps

We all know that feeling... After a hard day at work, you finally come back home with the only desire to take off these awful shoes with high heels. You come to the toilet, finish your work and try to flush the toilet. And then...surprise. It backs up. There are very few feelings in this world similar to this one. The mixture of anger, confusion, and disability to figure out the problem is unique. So, what do we do know (except panic)?

1. Flush

Only once. Otherwise, you will feel the wrath of Gods. If it doesn't flush the first time, it won't the second.

2. Cover The Area

Is a Smart Home practical in 2018?

Smart Home

by Anna Kucirkova 

When we say “Smart Home,” your mind probably starts working a mile-a-minute. You probably imagine a Jetsons-like, technologically advanced home that responds to your every command.

While that concept is certainly understandable, smart homes in 2018 look less like auto-retracting walls and floors that automatically absorb messes and more like homes with convenient, easy-to-use home integration and home automation systems.

Woodie’s invests in Quail Digital to improve efficiency and productivity in-store

Headset investment

As Ireland’s market leading DIY, Home and Garden Retailer, Woodie’s is committed to continuous improvement and growth. An investment in Quail Digital’s wireless headset systems has not only radically improved communication between its store associates - and hence availability of staff resources - but also provided a hands-free, lightweight solution to deliver better service levels across the entire shop floor, revolutionising Woodie’s overall in-store experience. 

Why it pays to control temperature, whatever the weather


As the sun continues to shine on the UK, training specialist Develop Training Ltd (DTL) is reminding employers that it pays to ensure a comfortable working temperature, whatever the elements throw at us.

Many people are aware there is a minimum working temperature indoors (usually 16C, or 13C where the work being done is strenuous) but that there is no equivalent statutory level for how hot a workplace can be. However, that doesn’t mean employers can ignore soaring temperatures on days when the sun shines or in hot workplaces.

The Health and Safety Executive states that for indoor working, employers must provide:


OSO Hotwater

Stuart Elsy, managing director of OSO Hotwater considers what should installers be looking out for to ensure they are recommending an effective system?  

Most people would agree that you get what you pay for in this world. In the boiler industry, the boilers with the strongest sales are generally those with strong emphasis on quality and efficiency, often coupled with a strong brand name that is recognised by the public who are willing to pay good money for a good boiler. This is not always the case in other areas of the heating industry. Many installers will perceive a hot water cylinder as a commodity box that does the same job as another commodity box. This is a long way from the truth, and there are many variations in quality, efficiency and innovation.

Top tips for choosing van insurance

Van insurance

If you’re self-employed or a tradesperson, it’s likely a van is an essential part of your day-to-day business. Running a van doesn’t often come cheap, so it could account for a large part of your expenditure. 

Figures show rising claim costs are increasing van insurance premiums, which are now £1,344 per year on average. To help you save on avoidable costs, Moneybarn has put together some top tips to consider when choosing van insurance.

Size matters

When purchasing a van, smaller sizes tend to have lower insurance premiums. However, you need to make sure the size of the van is suitable for what you need. For example, if you’re not going to be transporting goods, it’s worth considering whether you really need a big transit.

ARH Group

ARH Group

ARH Group is a Shrewsbury-based facilities management, building services and process engineering specialist. Plumbing Trade’s Editor Victoria Galligan spoke to ARH about how the company has evolved over the years…

Tell us about the history of ARH Group and what you do…

The company started life in 1990, when Managing Director Tony Holton established ARH Electrical Services. Over the past 28 years its portfolio has steadily expanded, so that it now offers an integrated service covering electrical, mechanical and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) maintenance and installation works. ARH now boasts an annual turnover of some £25 million.

Who are your biggest customers?

How To Keep Clients Coming Back Time And Time Again

Affordable quotes for plumbers

Lisa Evans is the Spokesperson for My quote, that combines technology with manual checks in order to provide users with a choice of affordable quotes from quality tradespeople.

Drumming up new customers is often an expensive and time-consuming task. Whichever way you choose to promote yourself, there’s almost always a cost and usually a pretty substantial one. Many businesses, and self-employed people, make the mistake of thinking that the way to grow a business to is attract new customers. This is, however, not the only solution; and in fact it’s not necessarily the most effective. What’s often overlooked is client retention, a key to success with far less resource and effort required.