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Key worker status recognised

plumber key worker status

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen both the Government’s and the public’s interpretation of what makes a key worker redefined. On Tuesday 28 April, in the daily coronavirus briefing, Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, not only recognised the vital role emergency plumbers are playing, but rolled out further testing for those in the construction and plumbing industry.

How to combat rising water bills during a pandemic

rising water bills

With the full extent of the COVID-19 outbreak rearing its ugly head, the pockets of many working families have been hard-hit. Even before the outbreak, research shows that up to 3 million households struggle to afford their rising water bills.

With the UK Government’s 'lockdown measures' inevitably meaning more time at home and more water used, I share my tips for reducing water usage in times of lockdown.

Be mindful when gardening

Marley Plumbing & Drainage has launched a new range of adoptable inspection chambers

inspection chambers

In response to customer demand, Marley Plumbing & Drainage has launched a new range of adoptable inspection chambers for both type three and type four installations, which are compliant with Sewers for Adoption and Building Regulations.

The new BSI approved range of inspection chambers, which are suitable for adoptable and non-adoptable applications, have been developed to be compatible with Marley’s 150mm Quantum sewer structured wall drainage and its 110mm and 160mm solid wall drainage, in order to provide specifiers, contractors and housebuilders with a ‘one stop shop’.inspection chambers

Construction bodies call for urgent action to help firms during coronavirus crisis

Construction workers during the coronavirus outbreak

A group of respected construction industry bodies, who between them represent the majority of contractor business in Scotland, has suggested a number of simple actions which the Scottish Government could introduce immediately to help with cashflow and protect jobs against the “crippling” background of coronavirus.
SELECT, the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbers’ Federation (SNIPEF), the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA Scotland) and the Scottish Building Federation (SBF) are among the 10 organisations who have sent a joint letter to Fiona Hyslop, Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture, urging her to support the Scottish construction sector.

Collaboration the key to full plumbing and draining solution

Plumbing plans - collaboration they key to full plumbing and draining solution

When working on multi-million-pound developments, contractors can deal with a plethora of suppliers to deliver one segment of the project. For new-build specialists, Stewarts Plumbing & Heating Ltd., it was important to find one supplier to provide all plumbing and drainage products for its work on Birmingham’s Sherborne Wharf development. Wavin, the UK’s leading plastic pipe manufacturer, provided a full portfolio of solutions alongside technical support and training to enable smooth plumbing installation.

How to look after your plumbing tools and prevent costs

Plumbing tools

Take good care of your hand and power tools and enjoy the fluid workflow of every plumbing job.

DIYers often neglect their instruments. The lack of proper maintenance leads to many issues. A damaged or worn-out tool can become heavy on your wallet and even cause injuries.

A well-maintained toolset makes every task simple, saving you both time and effort. If you look after it properly, a plumbing instrument may keep its best condition for up to 7 years. Whether a drill or a simple wrench, take care of each of your plumbing tools and expect good service in return. Read more and learn how to:

Upgrade Your Toolbox with GP Batteries BEAM P36 Task Flashlight

GP Batteries BEAM P36 Task Flashlight

With its slim design that fits easily in a pocket or toolbox, GP Batteries new Beam P36 Task flashlight makes the perfect partner for any professional tradesperson or DIY enthusiast.
Part of an award-winning range*, the Task P36 is a durable, powerful torch with a lumen output^ 300 – 25 lm and beam distance of ^120m, that will bring professional performance to any trade task or DIY undertaking.
Ergonomically designed for ease of use and storage, the torch is made from durable aircraft grade aluminium. Features include:

SNIPEF pays tribute to its fantastic cohort of award-winning apprentices on World Plumbing Day

award-winning apprentices on World Plumbing Day

The Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF), the leading trade body for the plumbing and heating sector in Scotland and Northern Ireland, has chosen to mark World Plumbing Day today (March 11, 2020) by highlighting the young people who represent the industry’s future.
The member organisation has tirelessly advocated the value of apprenticeships in sustaining quality and professionalism in this vitally important sector as well as creating a pipeline of continually improving skillsets. 

Polypipe takes a giant leap forward in underfloor heating

Polypipe underfloor heating logo

Laying underfloor heating will become faster and easier thanks to Polypipe Building Products - the UK’s leading manufacturer of underfloor heating systems.
Polypipe is introducing its new Overlay Plus system which is EIGHT times lighter than the standard gypsum board currently used (1.2kg compared to 10kg per board).
Polypipe is constantly striving to improve products and systems and their latest innovation will mean savings of time and space for installers and more efficiency in energy-consumption for customers.
Overlay systems have remained similar for around 15 years but Polypipe has moved to make life easier for installers with the development of the Overlay Plus system.