‘2019 Heating Trends’ with Aestus

January 29, 2019

Aestus,a true manufacturer of quality handcrafted designer radiators and towel warmers in the UK, introduces its trend predictions for 2019. As 70s chic has hit the high streets, we are seeing the theme extend into the home, with velvet and fringed soft furnishings, floral patterns and funky shapes, awakening the UK’s love for seventies fashion. Heating solutions are adding to this vibe with circular, wavy, curved designs and bold black accents, creating an ‘Abstract Silhouette’ and a focal point in the room.

Industrial themed interior design is stronger than ever and you too can now get this look in your home. For example, why not tap into this trend with Zeb, a black steel, coil finned radiator that has an innovative design, adding an element of dramatics to a room. However, to achieve a more relaxing and inviting home interior, the Zebradiat or, when coupled with warm neutral tones of grey and beige can take pride of place in your home, creating a warm, comfortable environment that blurs out the stresses from everyday life.  

Bathrooms are being inspired by boutique spa like interiors, with bold dark colours such as black and anthracite, adding a touch of theatrical beauty to a room to create your own private oasis. Impressive metallics with tactile finishes and brushed or polished effects can add to the overall aesthetics of the space, whilst creating a sense of quality and luxury to your bathroom, or indeed anywhere in your home.

Kitchen interiors are going back to basics, in terms of colour schemes, with monochrome being the most prominent for providing a sense of contrast. In addition, continental influences are evoking a new wave of contemporary, modern designs across UK interiors. Sleek, linear and minimalistic heating solutions are being used as a bold statement piece, whether you opt for a unique wavy design, such as our aptly named Wave ‘2019 Heating Trends’ with Aestusor an intriguing, etched motif with a background of neutral white, with our Expression design radiator. Whatever your choice of radiator, the end result will be a clean crisp space that remains timeless.

In the living areas we are seeing the desire for a room with personality or perhaps one that can tell a story. If you want to add a personal touch to your living space, this can be achieved through extravagant bold heating designs that act as a piece of wall art, and our Copy glass or mirrored radiators provide this, even when not in use. Or perhaps, you want to add a more nostalgic feel to your room? This can be achieved with Versailles, sculptured radiators with embossed, floral patterns that awaken the feeling of serenity and calmness to create a peaceful sanctuary within your home.    

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