Plumbing entrepreneur calls for Brexit extension

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August 7, 2019

Speaking ahead of the announcement of the next Prime Minister, plumbing entrepreneur and founder of Pimlico, Charlie Mullins OBE said:

“Isn't it about time we all stopped living in denial of a few basic facts about the 2019, pre-Brexit world that we find ourselves living in? And that goes double for prime minister elect, Boris Johnson.

Firstly, it's a forgone conclusion that Boris Johnson will be the next inhabitant of Number 10. There will be lots of paper printed in next 24 hours, but none of the speculation is worth the cover price, since the only other candidate, Jeremy Hunt, will not get close to winning.

Next, and of more importance is the simple truth that there will be no departure for the UK from the EU in October. Once again there is no agreement on how, and increasingly if, we should take our leave, and despite the bullish words of Mr Johnson - and Mr Hunt - there is not a snowball's chance in hell of a 'no-deal-departure' being allowed to happen.Plumbing entrepreneur Charlie Mullins talks about Brexit

To begin with the mere sniff of a 'no-deal' Brexit will see half the cabinet resign on the spot; Sterling will not just tank, but collapse, and any attempt to prorogue parliament has already been partially blocked inside the house, and there's no telling what will happen outside if the doors are locked.

Quite simply the first urgent action taken by a Johnson administration must be an extension of the Brexit deadline. There is no other course of action that will not threaten our government with complete collapse.”


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