Finding a decent tradesperson: Is the 'matchmaking' approach a winner?

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March 25, 2019

The recent bad weather has seen a spike in demand for ‘trade-finder’ services, as strong winds caused millions of pounds worth of damage to roofs, fences, chimneys and gutters.

MyBuilder, which is owned by the same company as Tinder and applies the same match-making smarts to finding a tradesperson, saw fencing jobs go up by 370% last week.
Services like ours aim to take the stress out of finding an available tradesperson. Instead of relying on word of mouth (not always great) or having to wait weeks for quotes, these services allow people to hear from tradespeople ‘on demand’ and then select one based on reviews. 

And they’re growing in popularity - MyBuilder has seen a 70% increase in jobs posted in the past year and hundreds of millions of pounds worth of jobs fulfilled by its tradespeople.

How To Deal With Bad Weather Damage

Get a good look at your roof

It only take a few loose tiles to cause major problems if the weather turns wet. Just a small gap between tiles can let in water and cause issues with damp, meaning a relatively small problem can become a major one. Good roofers will be happy to take a look at your roof and get pictures to show you if there are any issues before starting any work - drones are increasingly common to get a look at hard to reach spots.Finding a decent tradesperson: Is the 'matchmaking' approach a winner?

Fix your fencing

Solid fencing can be at risk in high winds, so it’s essential that fence posts are sunk to a good depth and secured properly. Older fences that haven’t been treated for a long time can be damaged by damp and rot, meaning they are more vulnerable when weather turns bad, so keep an eye on yours when out in the garden.

Inspect your guttering

It’s not the most glamorous part of our homes, but issues with guttering can cause big problems - if leaks or overflows are directing water onto your brickwork, it can cause major issues with damp. At this time of year, our gutters can still be clogged with leaves and other debris that fell last autumn, so it’s worth checking yours if it’s been a while.

Check your chimney

As with loose roof slates, damaged brickwork on our chimneys or elements like chimney pots can pose a danger to our homes - and to people - if they come loose in bad weather. If yours hasn’t been inspected in a while, it can be a good idea to make sure it’s withstood the bad weather so far - and is ready for what could come next.


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