How to introduce a health and safety apprenticeship to the workplace

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November 5, 2018

With over 600,000 workplace injuries recorded in 2016/17, every business could benefit from employing a dedicated safety professional. Last year the safety, health and environment apprenticeship scheme launched and in this feature Chris Pendrey, SHEQ Manager at Actavo Direct, provides advice on introducing a successful health and safety apprenticeship to your business.

Find the right scheme

Outlining the steps to take before onboarding an apprentice, including finding a relevant scheme and a training providerto complete the assessment and certification.

Looking at key considerations like how to secure funding to run the scheme and how the candidate’s hours will be broken down between work and study.

Defining the course

How to ensure both your business and candidate get the most out of the apprenticeship and set candidates up to excel in the role in the future.How to introduce a health and safety apprenticeship to the workplace

The importance of defining expectations throughout a scheme and making an apprentice realise they are a valuable team member during their time with the company.

Help with hiring

Suggesting some of the key skills to look for in an apprentice beginning a career in health and safety management.

Highlighting the government tools available to help you advertise your apprenticeship effectively

Looking at which terms and conditions your business must meet to take on an apprentice, including an apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement.

Next steps

How to structure the scheme and delegate responsibilities to ensure the apprentice is constantly improving and heading towards KPIs.

The importance of reviewing and improving to make sure you’re offering the best experience possible for existing and future apprentices

By Chris Pendrey, SHEQ Manager at Actavo Direct

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