Reaching Boiling Point

April 4, 2019

Boiling water taps – what are they all about?  Just a few years ago, they were either the preserve of upmarket kitchens or you might have found one in an office kitchen – albeit not necessarily delivering the full, 100°C monty.  Which might have been why you were there… Or perhaps it was because of the scale.  Or maybe its filter cartridge needed replacing.  

Whatever.  That was then, and this is now.  And boiling water taps are everywhere, and everyone wants one.  So why the fuss?  

Alexandra Rowe, QETTLE’s marketing director says, “Boiling water taps are one of those products that genuinely combine convenience with innovation. Customer quite often tell us they’re ‘converts’ – they go from not seeing the point of a boiling water tap at all and working out how many kettles they could purchase for the price of one, to saying they’d never be without one.”

Certainly, boiling water taps dodo that bit more than make a quick cuppa or keep the coffee flowing. They’re ace at degreasing roasting trays and baking tins, will give you a head start with pans of water for pasta and vegetables in no time and can be used for all manner of kitchen shortcuts. Think sorting out the Paxo, dissolving gravy granules, an odd Pot Noodle. Even Lemsip on a bad day…

So, if you’ve got a customer asking about a boiling water tap, what is the need to know? QETTLE engineer Gavin Harris has the following top tips – Reaching Boiling Point

Make sure the tap can really deliver 100°C water. Some will only hit the 90s.

4-in-1 designs are fantastic if you want filtered drinking water, too.

Check the boiler tank’s capacity. Anything under 4 litres is a bit skimpy.

Ask about safety clips and mechanisms.

Go for a system that includes everything – that is, choose a tap that comes with the boiler tank, the filter system and all its fixtures and fittings etc. 

Shop around for the best price – and go direct or online for a better deal, if you have to.

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