Vaillant MD, Klaus Jesse, re-elected as Chairman of the European Heating Industry

July 4, 2018

Vaillant, one of Europe's leading heating technology manufacturers, has today announced that Klaus Jesse, UK and Ireland Managing Director, has been re- elected as Chairman of the association of the European Heating Industry (EHI).

Following an internal vote by the association in Brussels, Jesse was re- elected on 6th June with immediate effect. As Chairman of the EHI Executive Council, he will coordinate the activities and represent for the next two years the whole European Heating Industry in the EU legislative fora.

EHI's Executive Council is its strategic decision-making body, made up of member company leaders, and is appointed by its General Assembly.

Klaus Jesse has gained significant insight in the European heating markets having been with Vaillant for over 30 years, holding various international positions in Germany, China, South Europe and the UK.Vaillant has today announced that Klaus Jesse has been re- elected as Chairman of the association of the European Heating Industry (EHI).

Bringing together companies that are leaders in the production of efficient heating systems, EHI represents 41 market leading companies and 12 national associations active in the heating market. Its members produce advanced technologies including boilers, heat pumps, smart controls, radiators, surface heating & cooling and renewable energy systems.

At the occasion of the General Assembly, Mr Jesse stated: 

"The energy landscape is changing, and the European Heating Industry has an important role to play. By delivering ever more efficient and renewable heating technologies to the market, our sector can contribute dramatically to cut CO2 emissions from buildings. We invite European and national legislators to discuss further how to create synergies in order to reach Europe’s climate goals in the short term, as well as for 2050."

Headquartered in Brussels, EHI represents close to 90% of the European heating market. Its members employ directly more than 120,000 people in Europe, and invest more than half a billion euros a year in energy efficiency.

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