Collaboration the key to full plumbing and draining solution

March 19, 2020

When working on multi-million-pound developments, contractors can deal with a plethora of suppliers to deliver one segment of the project. For new-build specialists, Stewarts Plumbing & Heating Ltd., it was important to find one supplier to provide all plumbing and drainage products for its work on Birmingham’s Sherborne Wharf development. Wavin, the UK’s leading plastic pipe manufacturer, provided a full portfolio of solutions alongside technical support and training to enable smooth plumbing installation.

The waterside redevelopment at Sherborne Wharf will eventually see over 80 blocks of residential buildings in the heart of Birmingham city centre. Part of this project is five blocks comprising 203 one, two and three-bedroom apartments by Crest Nicholson.

Stewarts wanted to provide a streamlined installation process and find a ‘one stop shop’ for plumbing and drainage solutions ahead of installation that would begin in May 2019. Firstly, the installer required a flexible and durable drainage system than could service several entire multi-occupancy buildings. Stewarts worked with the experts at Graham’s Plumbing Merchants, who recommended Wavin’s HDPE offering, and the manufacturer’s wider portfolio. Wavin was able to advise on how a combination of its products could effectively fulfil the plumbing and drainage needs of the whole project.

James Yiend, technical sales manager for above ground at Wavin, said: “We spoke with the Stewarts team about what they needed to make sure the client was happy, and we worked together to find the best full-service solution.

Glenn Morton, project manager at Stewarts, said: “We had a preference to work with just one manufacturer for all solutions for plumbing and drainage if possible, as it would make the process Collaboration they key to full plumbing and draining solutionmuch easier in terms of delivery management.

“Through Graham’s we were able to work very closely with the Wavin team to make sure we were getting the best products for each element of the project. HDPE was an absolute must for us, and then Osma and Tigris K1 ticked the boxes for us to ensure reliable drainage throughout the buildings.”

Wavin’s HDPE was chosen for the basement car park area, as it’s durability and elasticity enables to pipes to deal with vibrations potentially encountered in this environment. The pipes are easy and quick to install – important for such a large project – and are ideally suited to outdoor exposure, being able to withstand up to -40oC temperatures.

Wavin’s Osma Soil & Waste solutions, ideally suited to domestic projects and also used on commercial developments, are to be used throughout the apartments. This system is appropriate for tighter spaces, enabling maximisation of liveable apartment space, and with traps useable across all waste water sources. Multi-layer press-fit system, Tigris K1, was chosen for the hot and cold water system, with its integrated aluminium layer and reliable connections protecting against thermal expansion and leaks in the tall structure. Sections of the development are 10 stories high meaning this kind of secure and reliable system was of paramount importance for the Stewart’s team.

As well as product support, technical advice was provided by Wavin’s specialist service engineering team and HDPE fusion welding training was conducted with eight members of the Stewart’s team to ensure installation was as quick simple as possible.

Robert Thompson, regional sales manager for Graham Plumbing Merchants, said: “When Stewarts came to us for our expertise on manufacturers who could supply a full project plumbing and drainage solution and support, Wavin was a clear choice. We’ve found it’s a very popular brand and the team are always happy to help both us and the contractors to deliver the best service.”

James Yiend said: “This project is a great example of how collaboration between manufacturer, merchant and installer can find a full system solution and make the entire process, from choosing product to installing it at the project, as smooth as possible.”

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