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New Decor Harmonique Radiator Towel Warmer by Vogue (UK)

Decor Harmonique Radiator Towel Warmer

New for 2019 - The Decor Harmonique offers a style combination rail with integrated flat panel radiator for a considerable output and design twist! The sweeping and elegant lines of the Décor rail with flat crossbars will help to achieve a modern and sleek vibe bringing an air of sophistication to any setting.

Other finishes available, for finish & colour options see here http://www.vogueuk.co.uk/index.php/bespoke/colours-and-finishes-menu


Product code: MD094

Mild Steel construction

Vogue (UK) win 'Best UK Heated Towel Rail Manufacturer’ 2019

Vogue (UK) win 'Best UK Heated Towel Rail Manufacturer’ 2019

The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of design radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), kick start the new year with a WIN, securing a 2019 Home and Garden Award for ‘Best UK Heated Towel Rail Manufacturer’ 2019.

The 2019 Home & Garden Awards is dedicated to rewarding the very best companies that specialise in technical innovation, product design and service and make-up the UK’s construction and property sector. 

In affiliation with Build Magazine, the 2019 Home & Garden Awards recognise businesses that can make a house a home and include a cross-section of industry professionals: from creative minds in landscaping and interior design, through to carpenters and leading heating manufacturers.   

New Contemporary Cygnus Harmonique by Vogue (UK)

New Contemporary Cygnus Harmonique by Vogue (UK)

Following the launch of its 2019 Brochure, the UK’s leading manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK),introduce Cygnus Harmonique: a new and exclusive heating design which embodies the best of both worlds. 

Epitomising the future of contemporary heating design, Cygnus Harmonique by Vogue (UK)features a modern white vertical panel radiator which is set within a unique combination of Mild Steel looped towel rails. 

Evoking a sense of calm, the new Cygnus Harmonique innovatively combines form and function through an intricate sequence of linked coiled bars which provide ample towel hanging space, and a smooth flat-panel radiator for the warmth you need. 

New Focus Horizontal by Vogue (UK)

New Focus Horizontal by Vogue (UK)

Vogue (UK), the UK’s leading manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers continue to innovate the heating market with its latest new design for 2019, Focus Horizontal. 

A smart alternative to the customary upright models, the new Focus Hby Vogue (UK)is designed for optimal towel drying, owing to its horizontal arrangement with generous width and high heat output.  

Satisfying the market’s need for applied design where function is not limited by room size, Focus Horizontal is ideal above a bath, sited beneath a window to minimise chill factor or installed discreetly below a shelf to make use of every piece of available wall space. 

Vogue (UK) win 'Best Bathroom Heating & Accessories Supplier 2018' 

Vogue winners with their award

The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of premium radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), win SME News 2018 Midlands Enterprise Award for ‘Best Bathroom Heating &  Accessories Supplier 2018’.  

The SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards recognise ‘industrious and hardworking individuals and businesses’ located in the Midlands region to reward ‘innovation in business practice and outstanding overall performance’. 

Highlighting local traders and businesses in the area for driving innovation and maintaining healthy competition between sectors, Vogue (UK)were awarded the accolade of‘Best Bathroom Heating & Accessories Supplier’ for 2018.

VIVID with NEW Dryline Technology by Vogue (UK)


The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), proudly launch the new VIVID Towel Warmer: a contemporary heating design now available with Electric Dryline Technology.

This pioneering and new Dryline Technology exclusive to Vogue (UK) means that VIVID does not contain any fluids.

Instead, this contemporary towel rail design is heated by a silicone heater cable via a 3-core cable which can be attached to a fuse spur, if required. 

So what’s the advantage of Electric Dryline Technology? Put simply, this type of heating solution does not operate off the central heating or hot water system, allowing for greater freedom of installation and efficiency.

Carina Contemporary Towel Warmer from Vogue (UK)


The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of premium radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), emphasise practical living through its Carina Contemporary Towel Warmer: a keel-shaped design with natural camber and asymmetric styling. 

A convenient dual-purpose solution, Carina by Vogue (UK) epitomises modern heating design via the bold “D section” tubing, ample hanging space and practical top shelf! 

Ideally suited in a family bathroom, en suite, cloakroom and even utility room thanks to its extra storage, Carina is wall-mounted for added flexibility and is available 1200mm high with an option of two widths: 500mm and 600mm.

MODE and MODE Bespoke by Vogue (UK)


MODE and MODE Bespoke, Designer Radiator Collection by Vogue (UK)

The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of premium radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), proudly highlight diversity through its MODE Designer Radiator: available in standard and non-standard sizes with a host of supporting accessories.  

A customisable design concept, Vogue (UK)’s MODE and MODE Bespoke is a highly flexible heating solution with the option of a rich colour palette. Available in standard and non-standard sizes, this radiator design allows for under-window and full height installation, or even an amalgamation of contrasting models/colours/sizes for interior impact and all important ‘wow-factor’.  

New Mild Steel INTTRA Towel Warmer By Vogue (UK)

New Mild Steel INTTRA Towel Warmer By Vogue (UK)

Leading British designer and manufacturer of luxury radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), proudly launches the new Mild Steel INTTRA Towel Warmer from its Contemporary Collection: a ninety degree corner design in high quality mild steel.


Perfect for the most compact bathroom or ensuite, INTTRA in Mild Steel is innovatively angled to present a heating design that will fit neatly into a corner. This feature also makes it perfect in the kitchen, where cupboards and worktops may reduce the amount of available wall space.