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Is a Smart Home practical in 2018?

Smart Home

by Anna Kucirkova 

When we say “Smart Home,” your mind probably starts working a mile-a-minute. You probably imagine a Jetsons-like, technologically advanced home that responds to your every command.

While that concept is certainly understandable, smart homes in 2018 look less like auto-retracting walls and floors that automatically absorb messes and more like homes with convenient, easy-to-use home integration and home automation systems.

How Smartphones Will Change The Trade Industry

How Smartphones Will Change The Trade Industry

We are living through an unprecedented time of technological change. It’s not just smartphones, which have seen the fastest ever adoption of any technology in the world’s history. There is also ever cheaper solar power, self-driving and electric cars, drones, not to mention breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Benjamin Dyer of Powered Now focuses on just one of these -  smartphone technology – and looks at how this is going to change things in the plumbing trade.