Hot drinks on tap from CDA

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August 26, 2016


Instant hot water for drinks and for cooking is a convenience more and more UK consumers  are choosing when buying a new kitchen. CDA has just launched the th100c three in one instant hot tap with a unique heating system that will allow cup after cup of hot water to be dispensed before reheating is required. 

Water is delivered at 98oC – the perfect temperature for hot drinks. Having hot water instantly available for cooking pasta, vegetables and other foods saves both time and energy as there is no need to heat a pan on the hob before cooking can start.

hot-tap-image-tiled_0.jpgInitial heat up from cold is a fast 7-8 minutes. The compact 2.4 litre non pressurized tank with electronic display sits neatly below the sink and the entire system is WRAS approved. The unique heating system developed by CDA means that the tap will dispense 1.25 litres before the temperature drops. 

The tap is top quality chrome with ceramic disc cartridges that allow water to flow at a touch. The spout rotates through 360o for easy filling of pots and pans. 

The tap is available from January.


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