Winter-proof your pipes with GROHE Sense and Sense Guard!

January 28, 2019

Working on any winter, tech or smart-home features in light of the current sub-zero temperatures? This unique system from GROHE is a must-have to protect your home both in the winter, and all year round!

Those frosty mornings indicate that the pipes in your home could be at risk of freezing, causing them to burst and leaving you with a hefty bill for water damage, destroyed possessions and months of restorative work on your home. 

Daunting though the smart home may be, there are some gadgets that really do take care of the things we just don’t have time to look after, or don’t know how to check. Like the condition of the pipes in your home.

GROHE Sense and Sense Guard is one of those gadgets that you really shouldn’t live without. Just like a burglar alarm or smoke alarm which are considered necessary security devices in the home, a water damage system is equally as important, not just in winter, but throughout the entire year. 

Let the GROHE Sense smart sensors monitor changes in humidity and detect leaks in key places within the home such as under the sink, near appliances such as washing machines and in the bathroom. As soon as an issue is detected, you’ll receive a warning to an app on your smartphone so you know when to take action. Winter-proof your pipes with GROHE Sense and Sense Guard!

The system gets that little bit smarter with the Sense Guard which is a device installed onto the mains water pipe. If a leak is detected and you’re not home to resolve it yourself, you can remotely switch off your water supply with just the tap of a button to prevent any further damage. However, Sense Guard can even detect burst pipes itself and automatically switch off the mains supply!

Sense Guard also monitors for frost risk by assessing the temperature of incoming water.

Finally, you can also track your home’s water consumption, helping you to see where your biggest costs lie and how to make cutbacks!


The GROHE Sense and Sense Guard can also be paired with Nest! For an added level of security, your water system can automatically be shut off every time you leave the house, either instantly or with a time delay, and automatically switched on again when you return home.


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