The InSinkErator® 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap & Evolution 200 Food Waste Disposer

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August 21, 2016

Offers instant filtered steaming hot water up to 98°C, alongside hot and cold options, encased within a stylish but affordable one-piece Italian design. The InSinkErator® 3N1 steaming hot water tap completely eliminates the time and energy lost waiting for water to boil, while the versatility to switch to hot and cold water within the same fixture contributes to countless other tasks, and saves worktop space.


The 3N1 is perfect for adding an affordable all-in-one tap to the kitchen, creates a stylish focal point in the room and is available in brushed stainless steel and polished chrome finishes as well as a range of statement colours to add a splash of colour to any kitchen - Anthracite, Bright Orange, Natural Stone and Pearl White.

The InSinkErator® 3N1 steaming hot water tap retails at approximately £899.


The InSinkErator® Evolution 200 food waste disposer is a premium addition to the kitchen that is significantly quieter than standard models and is the brand’s top-of-the-range model.  Composting food is not only a highly effective method of protecting the environment, but also helps to replenish it. For those unable to compost their fruit and vegetable scraps, a food waste disposer allows food waste to be dealt with hygienically, efficiently and quickly, while reducing odours and bacteria in the kitchen by eliminating the need of an organic waste bin. InSinkErator® food waste disposers are equipped with top quality stainless steel grinding elements, to simply grind food waste into tiny particles, without the use of blades, and flush them away down the drain. There, it can be transported to a waste treatment centre and converted into soil conditioner or biogas for use as a renewable power source.

The InSinkErator® Evolution 200 food waste disposer retails at approximately £540.

For more information please see the InSinkErator® website


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