Nextdoor Introduces a Unique Platform to Help Local Businesses Grow 

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September 24, 2019

Nextdoor, the world’s largest social app for the neighbourhood, has announced the launch of its new Local Business feature in the UK. The new feature enables local business owners to easily create an online presence on Nextdoor to reach new customers, expand business opportunities to increase sales and build trusted relationships in the neighbourhood. 

The new recommendations feature enables Nextdoor users to support their favourite local businesses. With trusted recommendations from locals, it’s a great way for neighbours to discover new places and businesses, as well as provide business owners with invaluable word of mouth endorsements. 

“Nextdoor’s new Local Business Platform has been a useful platform not only in allowing local people to discover our business, but also in allowing us to grow in the surrounding areas where we hadn’t been able to reach customers before,” said David Whyte, Director of Switched On London Ltd in London. “We always find that recommendations are the strongest tool for us to grow our customer base and business, and Nextdoor is giving us a way to capitalise on this.”  

Nextdoor is free for local businesses and the neighbours in their community. Businesses can see and respond to neighbours’ recommendations creating stronger relationships with their current customers and driving new business Young female plumber fixing a sink - Nextdooropportunities. Neighbours can look up general information for local businesses - like phone number, address, website and hours - and contact local business owners to book a service or inquire more about their products. What’s more, neighbours looking for local products or service recommendations now have a trusted, more efficient way to discover the best local businesses. 

“Everyone knows a business, whether it is a bar, bakery, or bookstore, that’s an integral part of the life and charm of their neighbourhood,” said Nick Lisher, UK Country Manager. “But so many of these local businesses don’t have the ability to create an online presence or have an easy way to connect with new and current customers that matter most. Nextdoor’s new Local Business Platform offers businesses a free and simple way to increase foot traffic and earn customer loyalty.”

I would say my customer base has increased by 60% since joining Nextdoor. Jobs include landscaping, kitchen adjustments, painting and decorating renovation work. My customers can offer me reviews and this allows for my business to grow in a local and sustainable way.” Ian Wills, Professor Handyman

To claim a Local Business page on Nextdoor, business owners can visit INSTAPAGE, or download the Nextdoor App on the App Store or Play Store.



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