The Sharp-aX software to enhance your plumbing business

September 6, 2018

When your business gets to a size and you can’t give your customers the personal touch - it becomes imperative to ensure that your staff is empowered with your knowledge and expertise.

System Knowledge: Alternative products: Upsell a boiler with a better rebate or out of stock, customer notes with personal preferences & special pricing, Don’t deliver before 9, the boss’s name is Jim, daughter Sally, CRM :Credit limit £10k max, To let you know when Jack from Smiths is in the building, Advise Jacobs of promos first, he only likes the blue ones, Related products – don’t sell tiles without grouting, make sure he takes the 13mm fixings kit 

So What else?

A feature written for the Plumbing industry, originally requested by HEP Supplies Ltd,          (a highly successful and innovative plumbing, kitchen & bathroom merchant in NW London for their team of engineers who handle direct installations’ for customers

Working with HEP, our developers wrote an initial proof of concept for a Project planning Module in 3 weeks to secure the order from HEP and then continued to develop and improve the idea as HEP’s implementation schedule progressed to live.

Using the module HEP Supplies Ltd now know : exactly which engineers are doing what and when,  update their customers when work is scheduled, know which orders from their suppliers are pending/delayed to alert the customer care team for information to be passed  to the end customer.

It’s this level of innovative information sharing that makes the difference between just another plumber and the market leaders.

Information reporting within the Sharp-aX ERP software can be achieved in 3 main ways

• Live dashboards such as the Director’s Summary 

• Pivot Reports to answer questions structured as what is x by y by z (e.g. What are   my Sales by Branch by Stock Category)

• Traditional reports may be run on demand to give information such as the management accounts

All of these routes build from the same central data source and are a live snap-shot of the data at the time the report is run.  We can also leverage the power of the MS-SQL Server software to build calculations and summaries indirectly which again can be used in any of the three display approaches highlighted above.

The Sharp-aX Solution – the Forefront of Technology

 The Sharp-aX’s ERP software solution is at the forefront of technology, having been in development for over 10 years and been deployed live to customers since January 2011. 

The back-end database is Microsoft’s class-leading solution SQL Server and we automatically maintain compatibility with all versions of this. The underpinning frameworks from DevExpress and Microsoft’s .Net are used globally for companies of all shapes and sizes.

The Sharp-aX software to enhance your plumbing business


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