Vaillant launches app-based intelligent control

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August 30, 2016


One of the leading heating and hot water specialists, Vaillant UK, has launched its new vSMART intelligent control and mobile app this month, which allows homeowners to control their home heating and hot water. 

The control, which can be managed remotely through the vSMART app, is now available to purchase at merchants across the UK and Eire. It has been specifically designed to enable Vaillant installers to offer their customers convenience and energy savings, and is compatible with all current ecoTEC domestic boilers.

control-release-15-13148-01_0.jpgIts key features include the ability to store multiple heating profiles, which allows homeowners to have individual comfort settings for the heating and hot water levels. vSMART also has inbuilt weather compensation technology which adapts energy  usage to outside conditions. Over time, it adapts to users’ living habits – when they are at work, what time they get home - altering its output accordingly to reach desired temperatures at the right time. As with all Vaillant products, efficiency is at the forefront of its design, and vSMART ensures only the minimum amount of energy is ever used to reach the desired temperature.

In addition, energy and gas consumption can be monitored through the app and drilled down to days, weeks or months to identify where cost savings could be made. Any significant changes will be flagged to the customer via push notifications so issues can be identified before any unnecessary energy costs are incurred. 

green-iq-close-up_0.jpgGregg Cole, Vaillant’s Commercial Director, comments: “As the internet becomes ingrained in our everyday lives, consumers are demanding total connectivity between their appliances, including their heating and hot water system. In response to this trend, we designed vSMART to help our installers satisfy their customers’ demand for an intelligent home. 

“Vaillant also recognises that energy efficiency can only be achieved if a household shares responsibility, but also that individual heating preferences often vary between members. This is why we added the capability for multiple heating profiles, to create a unique selling point that vSMART can be fine-tuned so any member of the family home can have their own heating profile, the whilst driving energy savings at every turn.”

Vaillant is encouraging installers to share their experiences with vSMART over its Twitter page, @vaillantuk. Earlier this year, it launched a new and improved Advance loyalty scheme, whereby installers are rewarded with credits for tweeting installation pictures, customer praise and other content to @vaillantuk using the hash tag #Advance.

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