What's Hot in Bathroom Decor in 2018

July 2, 2018

With a new year comes exciting new trends in home decor that will provide home owners with inspiration to give their interiors a fresh new look. Bathrooms remain a popular choice when it comes to makeovers so let's explore what's hot in bathroom decor in 2018 so you can update yours in up-to-the-minute style.

Walls and Floors

Whether it be on the walls or floors, tiles continue to be embraced as a quick and affordable way to update the bathroom. Manufacturers have developed a wider range of colours, sizes and textures to please virtually any style preferences. The use of mosaic tiles as features and less bold colours than recent times will be seen in 2018. Remember, bathrooms tend to be small so selecting lighter colours will help in creating a feeling of spaciousness with darker accent points contrasting for visual impact. Always invest that little bit extra in floor tiles that boast highly slip resistant surfaces to ensure the safety of you and your family.   

Luxury Elements

Creating a spa-like retreat within the home continues to appeal to home owners this year with luxury elements such as walk-in showers with double shower heads, sleek bathtubs featuring light and sound technology and plenty of attention given to creating an overall sense of tranquility. Complimentary colours, lighting and bathroom accessories culminate into a soothing ambience intended to be enjoyed day in and day out. In addition, all manner of clever heating is being incorporated into today's bathrooms such as underfloor heating, as the focus on practicality and comfort strengthens. 

Bathroom DecorFunction and Form

Minimalist style is still popular this year, however, smart home owners are investing in high functioning storage solutions that still lend themselves to a tranquil setting. Under-bath, vertical and recessed storage options are but a few of the many ways that bathrooms will offer more functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. 

Gone Green

With green living now a part of mainstream daily life, homeowners expect to choose from a wide array of water saving and energy saving devices such as low flow shower heads, dual flush toilets and efficient hot water systems. Manufacturers continue to focus their efforts on producing environmentally friendly products as consumer sentiment strengthens around green initiatives. Bamboo and recycled glass are just a few of the more sustainable materials being utilised in today's eco products. Furthermore, organic cotton towels and even low lead faucets are making their way into mainstream bathrooms. 

Colourful Accents

Neutrals will be prominent in 2018 and utilising them for the more permanent elements of the bathroom is wise as it allows you to incorporate accent points in varying colours as the trends change each year. This year why not embrace the beautiful charcoal, olive and purple tones that add a softer edge than the previous years' bold and bright options. No matter what your favourite colours are, think more luxurious, softer and sophisticated tones than of recent times and you'll hit the colour palette on the head for 2018. 

Article by Bathrooms 365 LTD.


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