How to look after your plumbing tools and prevent costs

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March 16, 2020

Take good care of your hand and power tools and enjoy the fluid workflow of every plumbing job.

DIYers often neglect their instruments. The lack of proper maintenance leads to many issues. A damaged or worn-out tool can become heavy on your wallet and even cause injuries.

A well-maintained toolset makes every task simple, saving you both time and effort. If you look after it properly, a plumbing instrument may keep its best condition for up to 7 years. Whether a drill or a simple wrench, take care of each of your plumbing tools and expect good service in return. Read more and learn how to:

  • Store your instruments the right way
  • Clean your plumbing gadgets and their accessories
  • Examine and repair any faulty equipment

How to Store Your Tools Well and Extend Their Life

The best way to keep your instruments depends on your needs. Accessibility and convenience are two of the aspects you have to think about when arranging your plumbing equipment.

Invest in pegboards and toolbags for better efficiency. If not, custom-built toolboxes and racks have their benefits. Every DIY enthusiast likes to make their own storage system. Store your tools well and protect them against corrosion and other damages from the elements. Rust is definitely something that you don’t want to see on your favourite tubing cutter.Plumbing tools

Your garage or basement isn’t the best place to store your equipment. Those areas are often humid. The moisture causes corrosion and ruins your tools. Nevertheless, the cellar is one of the places where many DIYers find it most convenient to keep their instruments. If the same goes for you, then consider investing in a dehumidifier.

There isn’t enough space on your wall? Hone your DIY skills and build a hinged or portable pegboard. Those storage systems offer easy access to your tools and preserve a lot of space. And if you don’t have time to make one, then you can easily order it online.

Invest in toolboxes for your hand tools. You can effortlessly organize and carry all of your main tools in those containers. The toolbox protects your instruments against the elements while keeping it all neat 

Don’t throw out your original cases! Instead, stow your power tools inside. Your drill’s original box is made to sustain all kinds of physical damages, so don’t rush to get rid of it. The container isolates the moisture and shields your power tools against corrosion.

Same goes for the silica gel packs in your toolbox. Those desiccants keep your instruments dry and extend their lifetime. You can even buy some more for as low as £3 per 50 pieces.

Clean Your Plumbing Tools When the Job’s Done

It’s an unpleasant task to clean the plumber’s snake when you’ve just unclogged a drain. Yet, if you want to use your tools as long as possible, then cleaning is a must. It doesn’t take a lot of time and the benefits are numerous. Clean your equipment to avoid unnecessary repairs or even expenses.

Wash your hand tools, such as pipe wrenches and slip-joint pliers. Rinse well with water and soap, and dry thoroughly. And before you lubricate the tool’s metal with water-displacing spray lubricant, make sure there aren’t any dust and stains. The lubrication keeps the rust away from your equipment.

A lot of debris sticks on your power tools and you see that especially after drilling with a hole saw. But before you start cleaning, make sure that your gadgets are turned off and unplugged. Blow all dust and debris away with an air compressor or simply wipe the tool. Use cotton swabs with machine oil to get into the tiny areas and lubricate gears and moving parts.

Don’t forget your storage areas. Any dust on your pegboards or inside of your toolboxes will eventually get to your tools. It’s pointless to wash your gadget and leave their depository dirty.


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