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International HR expert comes to Kent

International HR David Bellis expert comes to Swale Heating, Kent


Appointment underpins Swale Heating’s drive to double in size

Kent based Swale Heating has appointed former Johnson Matthey director, David Bellis, as Head of HR to support its ambitious programme of growth and expansion. David, 56, brings to his new role more than three decades of experience implementing innovative global HR strategies across Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America. During his time at Johnson Matthey, the chemicals and technology giant achieved an annual turnover of more than a billion pounds and employed more than 13,000 staff.

Fixing the jigsaw piece puzzle

Fixing the jigsaw piece puzzle

~ How kitchen installers can easily overcome common installation issues ~

In 2015 approximately 594,000 people in the UK alone spent over £4,000 on a fitted kitchen. Homeowners are increasingly prioritising the renovation of their kitchen over other areas of the house due to a rise in the popularity of open plan living and multifunctional spaces. With such an increase in demand, meeting increasingly difficult design requirements can often feel like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

Here John Cove, marketing manager at power tool accessories and hand tool specialist, Starrett, shares his top tips for improving installation methods and quality of finish by using jig saw blades.

It’s About The Stock Turn, Stupid

It’s About The Stock Turn, Stupid


Service engineers have a reputation for being kleptomaniacs – I should know, I used to be one. They can be hoarders when it comes to parts. I get it. They’re just trying to do their job with minimum fuss or delays.

More often than not, when faced with a spare part problem, service engineers will typically order more than they need and keep a few spares in the van, just in case. You never know – future jobs may have the same issue.

The theory is that this approach will save them time. Well yes, if that part is actually needed on a regular basis, in which case it should be reported back as there is clearly a consistent fault somewhere. But what if it isn’t needed? And how long do you keep it? 

Water quality in communal heating systems



With a wealth of experience supplying heat interface units to communal and district heating systems, Giacomini UK is able to offer dedicated technical assistance and advice on how to achieve the best results.

In this article Giacomini UK’s technical support manager, Helen Gibbons, discusses the importance of water quality in communal heating systems. With the support of her Giacomini colleagues, Helen is hoping to increase understanding of how to protect vital components within communal or district heating systems from damage caused by debris in the system. Ensuring optimum performance and functionality over the system’s lifetime.