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September 5, 2016

So, who was it that said water and technology don’t mix? Instead, with the help of specialist retailer of luxury bathroom solutions, The Bathroom Shop, you can now opt for cutting-edge technologies that will enrich your bathroom interior for the better.

Playing to our ‘anywhere, anytime’ generation, The Bathroom Shop offer technologically advanced bathroom solutions that are able to connect to smart devices: modernising not only how we approach the design and style of a bathroom, but also how we use them.


Did you know you can control your bath remotely? Aqualisa’s HiQu Digital Bath pictured above, is the perfect example of a state-of-the-art bath tub with high tech features. With the ability to set the water to your own desired temperature and also, intelligent fill options that deliver a bath at your chosen depth - full, half or shallow –the HiQu bath is ideal for those of you with large families and busy bathrooms.

Fancy soaking a little longer? With HiQu’s Top Up function you can effortlessly bring a cooling bath back to your pre-set optimum temperature: once the LEDs reach bright, steady white, your preferred heat is reached.


Aqualisa’s HiQu Digital Bath Set: Bath Fill, Slim Hand Shower, Digital Divert & Remoter Control available from The Bathroom Shop


  • Bath overflow filler 560mm
  • Push-fit round wall outlet
  • Round wall mounted hand shower holder
  • Slim metal hand shower
  • Smooth 1.5m hose
  • PLUS, HP/Combi control* or Gravity Pumped control**


  • Advanced thermostatic digital bathing technology
  • Simple, push button start/stop control
  • Intuitive LED display lets you know when your chosen temperature has been reached
  • Three fill options, ‘full fill’, ‘half fill’ and ‘shallow fill’
  • No more bath taps
  • Optional remote control
  • Clever digital diverter technology allows instant switching between bath fill and hand shower
  • Compatible with most UK domestic water systems
  • 5 Year guarantee


* Compatible with Combi-boiler and High Pressure systems.

** Compatible with Gravity-fed systems


HiQu Digital Bath/Hand Shower Divert - HQD1015/16 – from £612 RRP including vat

Slim hand shower accessory pack - OPN5004 - £154.20 RRP including vat

Remote Control (optional) - HQD2001 - £126 including vat


Total RRP starts from £892 including vat with Remote Control, available from The Bathroom Shop


For more information regarding The Bathroom Shop and its range of products & services, please contact 01228 512428 or by visit www.thebathroomshop-carlisle.co.uk


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