Smart radiator thermostat set to reduce household heating costs

The Radbot in use

Vestemi, the energy saving technology company, recently announced the launch of its first product, Radbot – a money-saving, easy-to-use, smart radiator thermostat.

Radbot offers householders the ability to heat individual rooms only when needed whilst reducing the temperature in empty rooms, therefore saving energy and money. In fact, recent customer trials have demonstrated impressive average savings of 31 per cent - around £180 - on an average annual heating bill*.

Radbot is incredibly easy to self-install and is operated the same way as a standard, manual heating thermostat. It also doesn’t require internet connectivity, complex programming or a smartphone app.

Whirlpool Dishwasher Wins Waterwise Award

Whirlpool Dishwasher Wins Waterwise Award

Whirlpool has won a UK Water Efficiency Product Award at the recent Waterwise Awards 2017.
The Waterwise UK Water Efficiency Product Awards recognises products and technology that contribute to water efficiency that benefit the economy, society and environment. The esteemed, expert judges considered the extent to which the nominated appliance demonstrated noteworthy achievements such as water savings and changes to water-related attitudes and behaviours.

Green IQ: Helping Installers Build Business

Green IQ: Helping Installers Build Business

Steve Keeton, Marketing and Technologies Director at Vaillant, highlights the strategic thinking behind the company’s Green iQ mark – an industry-first label that distinguishes well-engineered, energy efficient products of outstanding quality, which are also sustainable and networked for the future.

In order to maximise business opportunities, today’s heating installers aim to consistently deliver customer satisfaction courtesy of reliable, flexible and high performing heating solutions.

As product technology advances and consumer habits change, installers can maintain customer loyalty by providing access to the very latest innovative heating solutions that reflect and support how people are living their lives today.

Using technology to get your evenings back

Benjamin Dyer of Powered Now examines the way that plumbers can get their evenings back with the help of technology, even if technology turns them off!


The mobile revolution

Looking back, it took a surprisingly long time for mobile phones to get to saturation. In fact, it took twenty years. During that long period, lots of people rubbished the phones and said they would never catch on. Every new technology that eventually becomes ubiquitous still goes through a period of disbelief.

In contrast to mobiles, smartphone penetration has been much quicker and the comparison should teach us some lessons.

Blue Flame Technology from Firebird Boosts Sales

Blue Flame Technology from Firebird Boosts Sales

Sales of Firebird’s Enviromax Blue Supreme boiler range are soaring for Redland Property Services as demand continues to increase for the UK’s most energy efficient domestic oil fired boilers.  Developed by Firebird Heating Solutions, the Enviromax Supreme is the first Blue Flame oil fired condensing boiler for the domestic heating market in the UK. The highly innovative Blue Flame technology has soot free combustion which will in turn considerably reduce the consumption of heating oil; and has the lowest possible NOx emissions. It is therefore no surprise that the Enviromax Blue Supreme range is now the number one choice for Redland Property Services.


‘Hi-tech Bathrooms’ with The Bathroom Shop

So, who was it that said water and technology don’t mix? Instead, with the help of specialist retailer of luxury bathroom solutions, The Bathroom Shop, you can now opt for cutting-edge technologies that will enrich your bathroom interior for the better.

Playing to our ‘anywhere, anytime’ generation, The Bathroom Shop offer technologically advanced bathroom solutions that are able to connect to smart devices: modernising not only how we approach the design and style of a bathroom, but also how we use them.

Systemlink develops new smartphone-controlled boiler to help energy conservation

Red hot water from Red Hat app!

In response to increasing consumer interest in the Internet of Things (IoT), Systemlink, a Dublin-based manufacturer of heating systems, has teamed up with mSemicon, a developer of customised engineering hardware, and mobile application platform provider, Red Hat Mobile, to develop a domestic hot water system with additional sensors and relays, that can be controlled via a smartphone app.